Our Canadian Family is 2 Million Strong.

Toronto was a lot different in 1952. Nathan Philips was a mayor - not a square. There weren’t any subway lines. And there wasn’t a colourful Volkswagen Beetle in sight for children to yell, “punch buggy!” That’s because it wasn’t until the Canadian National Exhibition of 1952 that Volkswagen shipped the very first Beetle models across the pond.

The Beetle of 1952 was a different looking car than today, but it was still unmistakably Volkswagen. While only 8 found their way to Toronto’s annual exhibition, those 8 made a lasting impression. Within a year, 92 Beetle models made it into Canadian garages, and it wasn’t long before Beetle-mania took hold.

Soon, there were Volkswagen vehicles everywhere. The success of the Beetle saw the arrival of the Golf, or “The Rabbit” as it was originally known.

By 1955, there was such a demand for Volkswagen in Canada, it was deemed necessary to construct a dedicated Volkswagen facility in Scarborough, Ontario’s “Golden Mile of Industry”. With a production facility in place, Volkswagen was poised to capture the imaginations of Canadians across the country.

Now, 63 years later, we’ve come a long way. Canadians still love the Beetle and Golf, but now they can also enjoy the Passat, Jetta, Touareg, CC, Golf Sportwagon, and Tiguan - which, by the way, was the 2 millionth vehicle sold.

What started with 8 Beetle models at the CNE has grown into 2 million vehicles across Canada. Looking forward we hope, one day, to make that 2 million, 2 million more.