End of Lease - Pre-Inspection | Volkswagen Plus
End of lease date:

Sep 23, 2019

Your lease is ending soon. Book an appointment with your dealer.

Your lease ends!
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There are three simple steps to the end-of-lease process.

This interactive guide will walk you through each one. Along the way you’ll also find helpful tips and some exciting options that will have you looking forward to your next Volkswagen.

  • Pre-Inspection
  • Final inspection
  • Your next

When you love your Volkswagen, it shows.

If you’ve enjoyed your Volkswagen as much as we hope, we fully expect to see some signs of wear and tear. Click on a button to see the kinds of wear and tear we look for.

Acceptable Acceptable
Unacceptable Unacceptable
  1. Body panel dents & dings
    Any dents, dings, scratches, gouges or chips larger than 2.5 cm or 1 inch on any body panel
  2. Maximum dents & dings
    More than two dents, dings, scratches, gouges or chips per panel, regardless of the size
  3. Body repairs
    Improperly completed body repairs (e.g. mismatched paint, sanding marks and incomplete dent removals)
  4. Cracked glass
    Cracked, heavily pitted glass or any chip that has begun to spider
  5. Unrepaired chips
    Unrepaired chips on the windshield
  • Other things to look for:
  1. Dents larger than 5 cm
    Bumper dents & dings larger than 5 cm
  2. Severe paint chips
    Severe paint chips
  3. Driver side chips
    Any chip that is located in the driver’s line of sight
  4. Four or more chips
    Four or more chips are present (even if repaired)
  5. Hidden VIN plate
    VIN plate is not visible
Acceptable Acceptable
Unacceptable Unacceptable
  1. Upholstery stains
    Permanent staining of the upholstery, carpet or interior panels
  2. Damaged trim
    Holes, cracks, cuts, tears, burns or severe scuffing to the interior soft trim (including upholstery, headliner, carpets, etc.)
  • Other things to look for:
  1. Missing original equipment
    Any equipment that originally came with your Volkswagen vehicle must be returned with it. This includes (but is not limited to) the CD player, navigation discs, airbags, Volkswagen Media Interface cable, cover for the convertible top, spare tire and tool kit set, owner’s manuals, car keys and remotes (including an additional valet key, if applicable). Any missing items will incur a charge.
  2. Damaged convertible top
    Damage to the convertible top (if applicable)
Acceptable Acceptable
Unacceptable Unacceptable
  1. Aftermarket accessories
    All aftermarket accessories that are not Volkswagen genuine parts, installed by your dealer
  2. Hitch
    Trailer or other types
  3. Window tints
    Poor quality window tint (i.e. tint is scratched, torn, bubbling or any colour but black)
  4. Decals
    Decals or alteration to the paint
  • Other things to look for:
  1. Service indicator light
    Service indicator lights are ON (check engine light, airbag light, etc.); have your dealer attend to this before returning your Volkswagen (check with your dealer to see if the repair is covered under warranty)
  2. Engine/chassis/suspension modifications
    Modifications to the chassis, engine or suspension
Acceptable Acceptable
Unacceptable Unacceptable
  1. Tire tread
    One or more tires, including the spare, have less than 3.2 mm or 4/32 inch of tread remaining at the shallowest point
  2. Curb damage
    Broken, missing or curb damage to the wheel (including cover/cap, if applicable)
  3. Tire damage
    Any tire with gouges, bulges with sidewall damage/repairs are not acceptable
  • Other things to look for:
  1. All four original tires
    All four tires must match the original tires in size, type (e.g., all season) and speed rating
  1. Spare tire
    The spare tire cannot be used to replace one of the other four tires, and must be included with vehicle
  2. Alternate rims
    If you are using alternate rims (alloy or steel) with your winter tires, please note that the vehicle must be returned with the original alloy wheels and acceptable tires installed on the vehicle
  3. Winter tires
    Winter tires will be accepted if lease maturity date is between November 1st and March 31st
  4. Retreaded or recapped tires
    Retread or recapped are not acceptable