Get your Volkswagen road-trip ready

A multi-point inspection from your Volkswagen Certified Technician will ensure a smooth trip from start to finish.
Volkswagen on the road pulling a trailer

Your one-stop Volkswagen shop is all about convenience. We're here to make your life easier. So, before you take off on your next road trip, stop by your nearest Volkswagen Dealer for a multi-point inspection. Our factory-trained experts know your Volkswagen inside and out. They’re dedicated pros with hands-on experience, the latest diagnostic tools and Genuine Volkswagen Parts.

During your Volkswagen multi-point inspection, our technicians will go over your car from top to bottom and let you know if anything needs attention. Our experts will visually inspect and report on:

  • Exhaust system
  • Brake pads and rotors
  • Engine drive belts
  • Shocks and struts
  • Headlights
  • Tire wear and air pressure
  • Cooling system and hoses
  • Windshield condition
  • And a lot more

Road Trip Tips for VW Drivers.

Everyone wants their road trip to be hassle-free and fun. Here are a few more ideas before you leave home for the open road:
  • Be sure you have the proper tools to change a tire and make sure your spare tire is useable.
  • Put your driver's licence, vehicle registration and auto and medical cards in a safe and secure place.
  • Bring an extra set of car keys.
  • Plan your route and leave a copy of your itinerary with a relative or neighbour.
  • Take any special medications or prescription information as well as your doctor's phone number.
  • Bring a cell phone and check it for its range.